Hello I am BIG CHUNGUS and I am a fat rabbit. In my opinion though, the "you could have a little bit" line is overhyped and I would have to agree with the guy. It is true that your body weight is the major factor in the decision to get fat or to not be fat. If you get too close to the point where your body is no longer able to burn any energy from fat, your metabolism is off and if you're too far away from your goal weight or you've not been doing all the proper research it can turn into some horrible self-inflicted situation. One thing that everyone has in common when getting overweight is that they love getting fat. Whether that's the result of bad dieting or something as simple as smoking at an inappropriate level, anyone can get fat in a short time and it is important that they get the best possible results out of that energy.

Elmer Fudd is a big gay who shoots people and is on tour all over Canada doing stuff for the gay community. He said he's been on lots of buses with guys like that. And this guy says: "Oh well he's a homophobe." And it makes me think of the film "Straight Outta Compton" on which all the gay guys have guns and it's called "Straight Outta Compton" on a bus. But when the bus came to pick me up, it was full of black youth who said it's the gay bus. But that's like what my family is like, because our kids are bullied, because sometimes they come from homes where no one wants to have to watch gay movies because they're gay. Some of them come from homes where all their friends hate them. But I'm not a homophobe. I know these gay men who are really good to me.

But, I like living in my hole. I like being fat. I was a teenager in my early 20s when I took off all my clothes: shorts, sandals, sneakers. And I was eating junk food. The first thing I learned in college was that skinny is beautiful in a bad way. It's a sign that you're alive. You're not going to get sick. You're not going to make any mistakes. There's a lot of beauty to being thin. But it's also a sign that I am dying.

But I eat spaghetti. There's spaghetti in every meal." A few days later, she went to the kitchen to buy some pasta for breakfast. It was there that she was shocked to find spaghetti, a delicacy from some parts of South and South-Western Italy, frozen in plastic wrappings in one basket. "At first I thought that it wasn't a pasta recipe. I didn't want to eat it," she says. "But then my husband came over and said, 'I love the pasta. You should make a dish out of it.'" And when she was told that the sauce was made with dried fish and pasta as a base, she was blown away. "The sea salt I saw in there says it should be about 70 to 80 percent salt. But this stuff actually had about 11% salt!" How the fish got mixed in with the sauce made no difference, either. "I still know it's salty because I've eaten pasta with it."

And in the end, I like being fat, I like my hole, and spaghetti is the best meal. If you're hungry, you get to eat spaghetti, and I like the taste, although I've made it with all kinds of stuff in addition to spaghetti, but don't let that stop you from going crazy if you feel like it, because you'll be just as happy. Now you can enjoy the delicious pasta and be satisfied.